“yes i am a slut. because i have big tits that pour out of pretty much every shirt. because i like to show them off. because i used to charge 200 an hour and sometimes i would come and my client wouldn’t cuz that’s how much i was into fucking. because i’ve had trains run on me. because i liked it. because in grade eight a boy pulled down my shirt and bra in front of the whole class and my teacher and everyone saw my nipples. because he got a slap on the wrist and i was told by the principal that it was partially my fault because of the shirt i was wearing. because after that i started showing my tits to guys cuz i figured i was used goods. because when i was nineteen and being assaulted by a bunch of guys for not shaving my armpits they felt the need to pull my tits out of my shirt. because when i was twelve my grandfather forcibly made out with me. yes i am a slut. because i love sucking dick and i’ll take his load all over my face and tits and in my mouth. because i used to get drunk and fuck random guys all the time even on weeknights. because i’m bisexual and everyone assumes bisexuals are slutty even when we’re in monogamous relationships. because i’m a femme queer grrrl and everyone thinks femme queer grrrls are just ‘doing it for attention’ and are accessible to men. because the first time i was kissed in a way i actually like my girlfriend and i were told we were disgusting and going to burn in hell. yes i am a slut. because i fucked my boyfriend in the ass with my strap on. because i used to work in a sex shop. because i love the night. because i wear miniskirts. because i smoke weed. because i flirt. because i’ve gone to bars by myself. because i’ve pissed in alleyways. because sometimes i like sex. because sometimes i don’t like sex. because i’ve been raped. because i’m a feminist. because i’m a survivor. because i’m a cum guzzling nympho. because i own sex toys. lots of them. because the only person who can make me come is myself and i’m fine with that. because i rub my clit when i’m being fucked. because i’ve done webcam work. because i’ve posed naked for pictures. because i like to masturbate. because i’ve always loved to masturbate. because i used to jerk off to naked pictures of women when i was like ten years old and i thought there was something seriously wrong with me. because there is nothing wrong with me. yes i am a slut. because my boyfriend called me one. because he got on top of me and screamed it in my face. because he called me it on my birthday. because random men have yelled slut at me more times than i could possibly count if i tried to sit down and write a list. because i have been called an ugly bitch, sweetheart, honey and other degrading names more times than i could count too. because i’ve been called a dyke and told to shave my armpits and my pussy and told to lose weight and told to shut up and told to say yes to my pedophile grandfather. because i am sick of being told and this time i am telling you. yes i am a slut. because my pussy is beautiful and insatiable. because i love my body. because the clothes i’m most comfortable in apparently make me a target for rape. because when i was raped i was in my bed at home. because my body belongs to me no matter how many times i’ve been violated and none of it was my fault ever. yes i am a slut. because yes, i do fucking know what the word means and yes i am a feminist and yes i am intelligent and yes i do choose to say yes i am a slut. because the police officer who said women should stop dressing like sluts to avoid being victimized was talking about me and he was talking about you and he was talking about all of us. and because if we say it’s okay to rape any of us then it’s okay to rape all of us. because the slut card can be pulled out at any time and you never know when it will be used against you. because it can always be used against you, even if you’ve tried hard to make the ‘right’ choices. because all of us are sluts because in a rape culture women are considered inherently rapable. because none of us can be free of the word until those of us who choose to are free to embrace the word. because the word will never lose it’s power to hurt as long as we allow them to control it. because i respect a woman’s right to self identify and expect the same respect in return. because i am taking a cue from my queer sisters who helped in the reclamation of words like queer and dyke, words that mean so much to our history, struggle and resistance. yes i am a slut. yes it is a complicated identity full of disempowerment, empowerment, struggle and resistance. yes it was forced on me and used against me and yes i and many of us were able to find different, new and empowering ways of relating to the word. yes we are sluts. so please hear us out. hear what we have to say. don’t condescendingly tell us whether or not we are sluts or whether or not we can find empowerment this way. yes we can, yes we do, yes we are.

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